God of War: Ragnarok, which Norse gods will Kratos’s blacklist extend?

After 2 years since Kratos returned to the God of War 2018 version, fans are finally going to continue their journey to conquer Northern Europe of the Greek god. Called God of War: Ragnarok, the PC game is slated to be released in 2021, alongside PS5.
In the Teaser, we see an icy Omega God of War emblem adorned with Nordic Runes, while Kratos insists on the image, “Time is near. You have to prepare yourself.”

In the 2018 version, Kratos killed Baldur (Odin’s son), Módi and Magni (Thor’s son, Odin’s grandson) and Sigrun Valkyrie Queen (Odin’s powerful general), whether in God of War: Ragnarok, which Norse deities will extend this list? Let us predict.


Thor, in Norse mythology, is the god of thunder, thunderstorms and force; The oldest son of the gods Odin and Jord, goddess of the earth. Thor was ranked first among the Aesir gods, and also the strongest, protecting the other gods from the onslaught of giants. Thor is the only god who is not allowed to cross the Rainbow Bifrost, as the gods fear he will collapse the bridge. Thor is also known to be hot-tempered, and eats well. While Odin was the god of the military, Freya was the goddess of nobility, Thor was the god of peasants.

Sol and Mani
In Norse mythology, Mani and Sol are brothers. While Mani is the moon god, Sol is the sun goddess. Both are descendants of the powerful gods Mundiflari and Glaut.

Before Ragnarok took place, Sol and Mani were attacked by Fenrir’s two children (Loki’s grandson). After these two gods were defeated, the world fell into darkness with the never-ending frozen purchase. After 3 consecutive winters, Ragnarok will officially happen.


Heimdall is the god of light, and the guardian of the rainbow Bifröst, the only path leading into Asgard. Heimdall is the result of Odin’s love affair with nine waves offshore; I may not sleep for days and nights to keep watch, I can see through the darkness for hundreds of miles, I can hear the wind blowing through grass or wool. Heimdall has a prison called the Gjallarhorn (Gjallar Horn), when the god blows the horn and the gods will prepare to go out to meet the enemy. Heimdall rode on a horse named Gulltopp, ranked 10th among the fastest of Asgard’s (the first was Odin’s eight-legged Sleipnir).

Heimdall’s opponent is the giant Loki. While Heimdall is the guardian, Loki specializes in vandalism. In Ragnarok, Loki and Heimdall fight again, and although Heimdall wins, a serious wound causes the god to die with Loki.


Hermoor is the messenger god in Norse mythology. His name also means boldness or spirit of war. Along with Thor and Baldur, Hermoor is also Odin’s son. The spirit that Hermoor always carries with him is the Gambanteinn cane.

After Baldur was killed by Loki, Frigg and Odin sent the god Hermóðr to hell to meet the dead god Hel, Loki’s daughter. Hel accepted and said that if everything in the world cried, Baldur could be resurrected. Frigg miraculously saved his son and nearly everything cried; the only exception was an old woman sitting in a cave that was not (made by Loki). After all, Baldur still must die and cannot be revived. According to a heralded oracle, Baldur’s death is one of the three opening events for the Ragnarok apocalypse.

The reason Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time

If you still wonder why this open world game combined with survival, building, crafting, exploring and fighting is why it became the best-selling game of all time (~ 180 million copies ) then let’s take a look at 5 reasons why the game attracts customers.

Free flexibility
Minecraft can be anything you want. If you want a survivalist experience, Minecraft might be. If you want to jump around and create majestic cities and castles at your disposal, Minecraft is here for you. If you want to make wacky and wacky minigames, then it is perfect too.

Whatever it is, the Minecraft world can be transformed as you like, which is a quality that not many others have. It’s no surprise that Minecraft has a huge fanbase.

Creative Mode
The bottom line of Minecraft lies in its creative mode. If you’ve ever been a fan of Lego, using Lego with which you can build just about anything, you’ll also love Minecraft’s block-based creative mode.

The game brings gamers into a mode where survival or fighting the crowd is not a concern and you are free to create your masterpiece. In fact, a lot of people have spent years creating the entire open world.

Minecraft is also a place for gamers to enter and explore. It has a lot of different creature sites, with landscapes that are always interesting to explore.

The happiness that players feel when they see giant diamonds or a village with blacksmiths or a shipwreck with a huge loot that cannot be measured. Minecraft is all about finding new things as you continue to explore a never ending world.

Unique graphics
Minecraft is also loved for its quirky and square block graphics. If you’re new to Minecraft, its graphics may be annoying or you’ll even judge it as outdated.

But the game wouldn’t be as popular without its simple construction. And if you’re still not satisfied with the look of the game, then you can always choose to improve its graphics by using certain texture packs and shaders to add a bit of realism to the Minecraft world.

Multiplayer fun
Since Minecraft is a flexible game, you can basically turn it into any type of adventure, then you can enjoy it with your friends. With the option of creating your own server or being part of the multitude of online servers available to you, Minecraft is best played against other players.

Whether you’re fighting in factions, building on skyblock, or designing and building a city together, Minecraft is a game for you and your friends.

Guild Wars 2 will be coming to Steam this November

After eight years since its first launch, Guild Wars 2- a famous PC game, along with all the “Living World” content including The Icebrood Saga, will arrive at Steam this November. Two updates The Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire will also be available for sale on Steam at the usual price for gamers who need. But the bad news is that previous Guild Wars 2 accounts won’t be migrated to Steam. Not only that, the Steam account cannot be switched back to another account (currently Guild Wars 2 is still using its own launcher).

Fortunately, ArenaNet has confirmed that although the account cannot be switched back and forth. Both types of accounts can participate in the same world in the game, so if you are new to playing, do not worry about anything, you do not miss anything. NCsoft West’s CEO, Chauncey Gammage, said that Guild Wars 2 has existed until now thanks to its groundbreaking gameplay, rich storyline, and a vibrant fan base. On the occasion of the expansion of the world in the game with the End of Dragons, Guild Wars 2 will be brought to Steam so more brothers can access this role-playing game.

ArenaNet also adds information about End of Dragons – the 3rd expansion of this game. It will take players to a mysterious island nation called Cantha that has been separated from the world for over 200 years, and you will be the one to discover the reason why End of Dragons will be released in 2021.

Top best mods in history for GTA IV

GTA mod community is always very active and enhances the gaming experience for many gamers.
GTA IV reflected the stifling nature of Liberty City, which was not well received at first, but gamers have come to appreciate it. Some mods seem to be tweaking the game and its various elements, and here we put together some of the best mods you should try out.

Ghost Rider Script Mod
While there are superhero mods available for GTA IV like Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc., we feel Ghost Rider is much better suited in Liberty City. A fiery specter looking to burn the perverts soul, what better place to start than Liberty City?

Wander the streets of the dingy metropolis as Ghost Rider in your cool vehicle and punish the souls of the dead. There may be more powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, but only a few are as great as Ghost Rider.

GTA IV Prison Break Mod
There’s always been something undeniably exciting about adding a real prison in a GTA game. Although the police threat is still there, it rarely becomes reality in something more concrete than a momentary pause.

The Prison Break mod puts Niko in a state prison after being caught by the police, and has to find a way out of the prison. This adds some real consequences to the player’s actions, and that’s always a plus in the player’s eyes.
First-Person Mod
Before it could become a real mechanic in the next game, players have long requested a first-person mod for GTA IV. The answer comes from the mod community with a great first-person mod that helps players really immerse themselves in the game.

This is more of a personal preference than an objectively great mod, but it definitely adds a whole new dimension to the GTA experience. It may not be as powerful as the one developed by Rockstar for the next game, but has the potential.
GTA IV IceEnhancer- Graphical Mod
While CryENB V3 enhances the overall aesthetics of the game in saturation and brightness, IceEnhancer puts textures in orbit. There are several videos of the mod on YouTube that compare the IV’s graphics with GTA V’s after using IceEnhancer, and to be honest, it’s not that different.
IceEnhancer adds an absurd level of textures to each of the game’s content and model, and the car reflections have been upgraded to an insane level.
Graphical Enhancer: CryENB V3

There are several mods that enhance the graphics for the game on the internet, but the community swears that CryENB V3 is the best mod for graphics in GTA IV. The mod adds significantly more colors to the game’s unsaturated palettes as well as greatly improving textures and shadows in the game.
It really changes the game in a big way, and fans who are annoyed by the game’s lousy visual aesthetic will find it better off playing using CryENB V3. The mod may take away certain gloomy melodies of the game, but it certainly works to make the city more appealing.

The World of Warcraft test server rioted about zombies

On the test server World of Warcraft appeared a giant horde of zombies causing chaos all over Azeroth as they infecting NPCs and player characters.

Máy chủ thử nghiệm World of Warcraft náo loạn vì Zombie

On the test server World of Warcraft appeared a giant horde of zombies causing chaos all over Azeroth as they infecting NPCs and player characters.
World of Warcraft players are seeing some big changes with the Shadowlands expansion pack, but a big pre-Shadowlands event is happening on test servers. The sudden event unleashes a horde of zombies that are causing Azeroth to turn upside down. World of Warcraft is rife with hundreds of zombies attacking and turning every NPC they encounter into a zombie, and will not even rule out the NPCs that normally assign missions to World of Warcraft players. And if the player gets too close to the zombies, they can also “spread” the zombie and have the ability to spread the zombie epidemic to many other characters in the game.
It’s important to note that this is not available on World of Warcraft’s main servers, and only users of the public test server are affected. So, if the gamer doesn’t want to deal with a horde of zombies or the possibility of their character becoming a zombie, just avoid accessing the test servers. But by the end of this fall, the zombie launch event on the main servers will take place when there is current chaos.
Some gamers are speculating that the event is going the way the developers intended unless the developers want the player to be unable to use the auction house, store or bank as is the case. Fighting a large swarm of zombies can be fun at first, but part of World of Warcraft’s charm is daily activities like crafting and upgrading items. A World of Warcraft gamer has the skills to combine fighting with many other activities, but having to deal with a bunch of zombies constantly is sure to be too much.

Máy chủ thử nghiệm World of Warcraft náo loạn vì Zombie - ảnh 1

For gamers who aren’t excited about the constant zombie invasion in the main servers, World of Warcraft designer Jeremy Feasel says the event only runs for a few hours a day, but importantly ” Gamer action “can cause zombie interactions to continue spreading throughout the day.
The Shadowlands Expansion will bring a lot of exciting new content to the game, but there is still something for players to do before Shadowlands releases. The pre-launch event includes a number of things other than fighting off zombie arsenals, including a cold Northrend exploration and a new storyline quest, so players won’t get bored waiting. World of Warcraft is now available on PC.

Next Station: Jianghu – Is the rare paid sword game worth playing?

Next Station: Jianghu game officially released as a paid-for 12 yuan, equivalent to 40,000 VND, is it worth playing?
Next Station: Jianghu (original name is Ha Nhat Tram Jiang Ho I), is a game produced by Chengdu Sweet Potato Network Technology Co., Ltd, released on mobile platforms. Currently, the game is available on Android for 12 Yuan. This can be considered as a rare paid game to appear.

Next Station: Jianghu - Game kiếm hiệp hiếm hoi trả phí có đáng chơi?

Entering the world of Next Station: Jianghu, you are immersed in character classes, originally male or female (according to the first version). The player proceeds to the quest after exchanging with the NPC. This role-playing mechanism is like familiar RPG games, but because it is a single-player, you will only participate alone without seeing many other players like the MMO branch.

Next Station: Jianghu - Game kiếm hiệp hiếm hoi trả phí có đáng chơi?

The gameplay of this game also makes a highlight with the mixture of tactics in the way of fighting. If you have known Hiep Khach Phong Van Truyen will no longer be unfamiliar with ‘honeycomb shape’. It can be called, “honeycomb strategy” in Next Station: Jianghu is quite similar to the aforementioned game. Players choose honeycomb-shaped positions to perform attacks on the enemy. These battles mark you having to get through crucial gates.

Next Station: Jianghu - Game kiếm hiệp hiếm hoi trả phí có đáng chơi?

This is a game with quite unique gameplay, not just RPG but also tactical, high position thinking requires players to brainstorm. Moreover, the game’s image is beautifully designed with the context of martial arts and martial arts. Effects in the game, though not too diverse, create a highlight after each gamer’s control step.

If you are interested in new things, want to explore and experience, you can buy games of Chengdu Sweet Potato Network Technology Co., Ltd on the TapTap store to try them out. The product currently occupies the top 1 ranking at this app store.

Top 5 best shooter for PC in 2020

The first-person shooter (FPS) genre can be called the flag bearer of the gaming industry. It has dominated the PC game world for more than two decades and is still thriving.
FPS games bring the best gamers. They test players’ goals and accuracy, along with pushing them to improve their skills. Such games allow players to devise new tactics and scale in favor of them.
In this article, we discuss the five best shooting games for PC by 2020.

Call of Duty Warzone

Top 5 game bắn súng hay nhất dành cho PC năm 2020

Call of Duty has been developed by Infinity Ward and Raven Software. Following the freemium model of other games like Apex Legends and Fortnite, the game became an instant success.
The game has attracted more than 50 million players since April 2020 and continues to be an interesting option in the FPS market. Although the game is not entirely an FPS game, it has many similarities with the COD MW versions. It has two main game modes: Plunder and Battle Royale.


Top 5 game bắn súng hay nhất dành cho PC năm 2020

Counterstrike is one of the oldest FPS games in the world today. From Condition Zero to Global Offensive, the CS franchise has proven to be an incredible success.
Developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve, CS: GO was released on August 21, 2012. It has a record number of users of 24 million players in February 2020. CS: GO is an FPS game Pure requires high skill and competitive play.


Top 5 game bắn súng hay nhất dành cho PC năm 2020

Developed by Smilegate and released on May 3, 2007, Crossfire is one of the most popular FPS games on this list. Its popularity in South Korea and China has helped the game get more players, to the point that it gained 240 million monthly users in January 2020.
Crossfire is a free game, offering two corporations: Black List and Global Risk.


Top 5 game bắn súng hay nhất dành cho PC năm 2020

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. According to Blizzard, the game has more than 40 million players as of May 2018.
Recent player-based data has not been released by the developers yet, but it still enjoys much of the popularity in the FPS genre. The game has a shooter style, in which the player chooses from a list of unique capable hero characters.


Top 5 game bắn súng hay nhất dành cho PC năm 2020

Valorant is considered a combination of CS: GO and Overwatch. Developed by Riot Games and released on June 2, 2020, Valorant has taken the gaming world by storm.
The FPS n game reached three million players in the beta version. Although the number of Twitch viewership has decreased, the game seems to take away a large number of players from other games like CS: GO. It is a tactical shooter with unique characters, each with different abilities in the game. Gamers are included in two teams of five players.

The global game industry will reach revenue of USD 159 billion in 2020

Although dominated by many factors, the global game market still has significant signs of growth compared to the same period last year.

Ngành công nghiệp game toàn cầu sẽ cán mốc doanh thu 159 tỷ USD trong năm 2020

In the face of the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries still recommend that people are restricted from leaving their homes and games are their preferred form of entertainment. Although the eSports market share is directly affected by the postponement of tournaments, many of the retail stores, gaming consoles, and accessories are closed, but the global game market still has positive signs. , with an expected growth of 9.3% compared to last year.
According to a market analysis report from Newzoo, this data does not include revenue from in-game advertising (up 59% during the COVID-19 outbreak, according to Unity) and console device transactions between consumers. use. In fact, in-app advertising is also a significant source of revenue, bringing in $ 3 billion in the US market in 2019.

Of the 7.8 billion people on the planet, 4.2 billion (53.6%) of them have an internet connection, 2.69 billion will play video games this year, and Newzoo predicts that number will reach 3 billion by 2023. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when the global game market still has a sustained growth index, though dominated by many factors.

Tin tức game UY TÍN và tin cậy! Tin tuc game MỚI NHẤT | GameK

All game segments are on the rise, but the mobile game market share is the most significant increase with expected revenue of US $ 77.2 billion in 2020, up 13.3% per year. This is still a fertile land with much-untapped potential when only 38% of mobile users spend on games on this platform.
Meanwhile, the Console segment is forecast to grow 6.8% annually to the US $ 45.2 billion, with more than 729 million players globally. Growth in this segment has slowed significantly compared to 2018. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch roadmap of next-generation gaming consoles has been delayed, resulting in a low used lower than previously expected.
Finally, PC games, driven by 1.3 billion players, will grow 4.8% annually to $ 36.9 billion by 2020. Unlike consoles, new releases for rare PCs when reaching the required turnover. In return, the game ecosystem on the PC is almost not affected by the epidemic during the first half of the year, so it maintains a stable index.
In all three segments (PC, console, and mobile), nearly half of the consumer index comes from China and the US this year. However, this index will be driven by emerging markets, in regions such as Latin America and Asia-Pacific in the coming years.

Top 3 open-world games like GTA series, 2GB RAM PC can still fight smoothly

In this article, let us take a look at 3 open-world games with bold GTA but require ultra-low configuration, just 2GB Ram is able to fight smoothly.

Grand Theft Auto – GTA – Street Pirates may not be the first open-world game series, but Rockstar Games redefined what an open-world game should look like through GTA III. As an iconic game series for the open-world game genre, GTA has always been one of the most popular gaming series in the world.
But due to the open-world nature of the game, plus the polished graphics, GTA 5 – the latest game in the GTA series is still one of the things that are too difficult for many gamers, especially Poor gamers have low profile PC only. Therefore, in this article, let us take a look at 3 open-world GTA bold games but require super low configuration, just 2GB Ram is able to fight smoothly.

Just Cause 2

Top 5 game thế giới mở hay không kém dòng game GTA, PC 2GB Ram vẫn có thể chiến mượt - Ảnh 1.

Minimum configuration:
CPU: Dual-Core
Ram: 2GB
Video Card: 256 MB GeForce 8800
Hard drive capacity: 10 GB
Larger than the GTA series, Just Cause 2 gives players a completely different experience when the player can do anything in this game. An extremely free world with true cinematic action scenes will please anyone who tries Just Cause 2, opening endless fun that can make players fall in love all day.

Far Cry 3

Top 5 game thế giới mở hay không kém dòng game GTA, PC 2GB Ram vẫn có thể chiến mượt - Ảnh 2.

Minimum configuration:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700
RAM: 2 GB Windows XP / 4 GB Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Video Card: 512 MB DirectX 9.0c / NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or better
Hard drive capacity: 15 GB
In addition to giving players a sense of freedom in the open world, Far Cry 3 is completely different from the GTA series. Far Cry 3 is a perfect combination of an open-world model with first-person shooter gameplay, bringing an extremely attractive experience to the player. The main character in the game – Jason Brody is lost on a deserted island after a sudden disaster struck during the summer vacation. Now, Brody must rescue his friends were kidnapped by pirates and escape from the island together. Expedition feature of “Far Cry 3” will take players to the scene of tropical paradise extremely overwhelmed.

Mafia II

Top 5 game thế giới mở hay không kém dòng game GTA, PC 2GB Ram vẫn có thể chiến mượt - Ảnh 3.

Minimum configuration:
CPU: Pentium D 3GHz
RAM: 1.5 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600
Hard drive capacity: 8 GB
Instead of trying to overcome the formula of GTA series with an open world full of activities and missions, Mafia II sticking with an enchanting linear storyline, making the game remarkable and impressive. the statue in its own way. Gamers will be surprised by the cinematic graphics inspired by the classic gangster films of the 50s of last century. Mafia II is a magical adventure that any open-world gaming fan needs to try at least once in a lifetime.

What Happened – Obsessed in the twisted inner world of depressed people

What Happened is a developer inspired by the suicide of a childhood friend. Depression has become a dangerous psychological disease in modern society. Without early recognition of the signs of the disease and prompt treatment, depressed people can end their lives at their best. At this moment, they really need the care and concern of those around them to find themselves not alone in this war. Inspired by the suicide of a childhood friend, What Happened takes players to explore the complicated and twisted psychological evolution of depressed people.

What Happened - Ám ảnh trong thế giới nội tâm vặn vẹo của những người trầm cảm

According to the development team of Genius Slackers, What Happened will bring players into the psychological world of high school boy named Stiles – a dark and negative world of depressed people. Witnessing the suicide of his childhood friend, Genius Slackers understands the importance of relatives to depressed people, so through this game, Genius Slackers wants players to understand and know that they are not lonely. During development, Arash Negahban, What Happened development director, said they even consulted with professional psychologists to better understand the motive for making a person want to kill themselves. Depression sufferers’ thoughts are hard to imagine. What Happened re-encompasses these intense internal struggles in a simple way that is easily accessible to everyone.

What Happened - Ám ảnh trong thế giới nội tâm vặn vẹo của những người trầm cảm

Not only that, Stiles is under the influence of LSD, an addictive substance that causes people to produce hallucinations. Therefore, it will be a little difficult to discern clearly between what is real life and what is the illusion that Stiles devises. However, players need to pay attention to each situation, the most strange events because only the player’s empathy and the troubled memories of Stiles can help him heal his wound.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of this genre or not, the idea of What Happened is really practical, especially in the context of increasing mental illness. What Happened is expected to be released later this month to PCs via Steam.