Jurassic World Evolution builds a dinosaur park

The last title in Epic Game‘s 15 free-to-play series is Jurassic World Evolution. It belongs to the category of construction simulation.

Kingdoms Reborn, Anno 1800, Cities Skylines, Tropico 5… Today, Jurassic World Evolution is a new game launched in 2018 so the graphics are very nice. You have 3 main directions for development in the game, namely amusement parks, security or scientific research. You perform all 3 at the same time, the game will give you tasks to do. Unlock next turn of features and maps.

In Jurassic World Evolution you will play the role of the owner of a dinosaur park. Build and develop it into a large spacious property. Initially you only have vacant land, some basic houses and $ 3 million as capital. You will build more buildings, there are many things for you to choose from. They are researchers of dinosaur DNA from fossilized samples. Dinosaur watchers in the park. House for caregivers, dinosaur managers. Power stations, fences, paths, entrances … The works for visitors: Restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops, bars …

The process of creating a dinosaur is elaborate, expensive, takes time. You will need to have a dinosaur fossil sample used by the research department to incubate eggs. The success rate differs more or less depending on the type. The cost per child sometimes costs nearly $ 1 million. When a dinosaur is born, you have to keep it in a barn, each species will have different conditions. If you do not make sure, it will destroy the barn out to eat visitors. Food, water source, number of plants, and dinosaurs of the same species must be appropriate.

Dinosaurs can get sick, attack each other, die from starvation or old age. Dinosaurs are basically divided into 2 categories, carnivorous and herbivorous. You can provide the live goats stocked as prey for Ceratosaurus, Allosaurus, Indoraptor, Stygimoloch. Or ready-made meat, served in the troughs. Herbivorous dinosaurs liked to live in herds, like overgrown trees. You upgrade dinosaurs to make them stronger, live longer. When the dinosaurs get sick you will inject them with the drug through an auto-execute command system. Or you will fly your own helicopters to shoot antibiotics for them through the first person.

Jurassic World Evolution has a lot of costs. Organize archeology, search for fossils, hatch dinosaur eggs, build. In contrast, the revenue source is also diverse, selling tickets to visitors. Trading in restaurants, restaurants, selling rare fossils. Take pictures of dinosaurs, sell dinosaurs and sell excessively built houses. Scientific research works on quests also bring in a lot of dollars for you. Cost always goes hand in hand with profit. For example, if you move to archaeological Asia, travel costs are high, but fossils are more expensive there for sale than in neighboring locations.

Lifelike 3D graphics, smooth screen, the most beautiful in the construction simulation game series that I have ever known. Every time a dinosaur comes out, the epic cutscenes will delight you. 360-degree viewing angle, can be zoomed in and out to see a close-up of a dinosaur chasing a goat put in its mouth. A Chasmosaurus munching on grass and drinking water on the riverbank looked very peaceful. Occasionally you can drive a Jeep, approach the dinosaurs. Hold the enchanted gun or take the camera to take pictures from the first perspective.

Anesthetic is used to move a dinosaur to another barn or sell it to a game developer. Jurassic World Evolution is inspired by the famous Jurassic World movie. The sound in the game is also very complete and detailed. The sound of storms, the sound of helicopters, the sound of felling trees, the roaring of dinosaurs sounded very good. The game is free until January 7, 2021 on Epic Games.

COME FOLLOW ME – The creepy story of the haunted Pokemon game (Part 1)

A mysterious but equally fascinating story revolves around the PC game Pokemon Red was released in 1996.

In February 1996, the game Pokemon Red was released in Japan. During this time, the mortality rate of the 10 to 15 year old group suddenly increased.

The cause of death was largely due to suicide. Children end their lives by hanging in their own rooms or jumping from above to the ground. However, there are some special cases where the victim tries to amputate the body part. Others try to put their hands or arms down their throats to suffocate themselves to death.

Among the unfortunate victims mentioned above, there are still a few lucky children who have been saved. However, these cases have abnormal psychological manifestations. When asked why they sought death, they responded with only mad screams and started scratching their faces. Nintendo’s Gameboy handheld console is believed to be the cause of these psychological instabilities. Gameboys were tried to be given to them, but these children did not react to the object they held in their hands. Strangely, as soon as the Pokemon Red was inserted into the device, these kids were extremely scared and tried to escape the room they were in.

This led local officials to believe that the video games were somewhat related to the other suicides. What causes them the most headache is that only a small group of people who have played this game have the same reaction as above. Police are forced to put Pokemon Red on suspects, because they are the only clues they have.

They began to capture the victim’s video tapes for the investigation process. For a clearer view, the police force began to look to the people who developed this game. The first person they met was production manager Satoshi Tajiri. When told that his game could have been the cause of many suicides, Satoshi was annoyed and completely denied this theory. He then introduced the investigation team to the programming department, who are responsible for the game’s content.

The police immediately contacted Takenori Oota, a key member of the programming team. Unlike Satoshi, Takenori is a very quiet person. He asserted that it is impossible for a game to affect the player’s mentality. This is just a coincidence. Has nothing to do with his game. However, before leaving, Takenori revealed an important detail to the police.

The young programmer heard about a rumor regarding the game’s music. The soundtrack by Lavender Town, a location in Pokemon Red could make a few kids sick. Although this is just an unsubstantiated rumor, the police still decided to include it as a suspect.

Takenori then introduces the investigation team to Junichi Masuda, the father of the game’s tracks. Masuda said that he himself had heard about the rumors, however, no one has ever proven these to be true. To convince the police force, Masuda personally replayed the music in the game. After listening carefully, everyone in the room did not feel anything out of the ordinary. Looks like the investigation process once again goes to a dead end.

Go back to the game tapes that the police recovered. They decide to experience this game for themselves with the desire to find some clues. Due to being forewarned about the rumor, the members of the investigation team were very wary during the game. They continue the unfinished play of the ill-fated victims to understand what drives them to death.

During the investigation, the police found a strange similarity between the victims. That the time they spend on this game is relatively low. Most people call their character “Red” or something quite simple. In particular, all of them only use one pokemon in the lineup. The investigation team realized that the soundtrack in Lavender Town could not be the cause of the suicides. Because there is no way for a person with little playing time and only one pokemon in the squad can move to that area. This led the police force to conclude that whatever influences the psychology of the kids, it must be in the starting area of ​​the game.

The team decided to return to speak with the programming team. In the list of programmers involved in this project, the police suddenly found a name that caught their attention. Chiro Miura, a young programmer, committed suicide a few days after the game’s release. According to the lead programmer, Chiro is a mysterious person and does not have much contribution to the project. Even more surprising was that this person even asked to remove his name from the credits that appeared when the game ended.

While investigating Chiro’s apartment, the police found many notes scattered in the room. Most of them were torn or deleted by someone using a pen, making the words on it difficult to identify. In that mess, people found three small readable pieces of paper that read: “Don’t go in”, “Careful” and “Follow Me”. The investigative team has not been able to find a solution to the other passages yet, but they firmly believe they must have a connection. Expanding the investigation, the police also learned that Chiro had a close friend named Kohji Nisino. He is a member of the in-game map design team. Therefore, Chiro’s participation in developing Pokemon Red is likely due to his friend’s invitation.

Since the game’s launch, Kohji Nisino locked herself in her apartment and cut off contact with everyone around her. He told his family and friends that he did it out of grief for his late friend Chiro. This made everyone suspicious since Nisino had begun to confine herself in her room before Chiro’s suicide.

It takes a lot of work for the police force to approach and talk to Nisino. The guy appeared in a slap, eyes dark circles due to lack of sleep. Nails grow long and hair is messy due to not being washed for a long time. Nisino stammered to talk to the investigation team. Fortunately, he can still speak.

When asked if he knew about the Pokemon Red game-related suicides, Nisino was extremely reserved. He often chooses his words carefully before answering police. Nisino says that Chiro has an interesting idea he wants to include in the game. Something he wanted to try from the moment the project was announced. Nisino has an acquaintance with Takenori – the game’s chief programmer. Because of that, he could easily apply to his friend a place in Takenori’s team. It seems Chiro’s idea convinced Nisino to let him participate in this project. And so everything turned out as what the police knew.

At this point, the investigation team is confident that Chiro and the mass suicides must be related. They ask Nisino about Chiro’s idea, and why is he so desperate to include it in the game. Nisino says that his friend never gave him details, but he also learns that Chiro sort of wants to add a special Pokemon to the game. What will be completely different from other Pokemon. Chiro considers this a surprise gift for the player, believing that everyone will be extremely excited to see it. However, this contradicts the information that the police have, because there is no way for victims with little playing time to catch Chiro’s Pokemon.

The police continued with questions for Nisino. The more he asked about Chiro, the more confused the young man became. It seemed Nisino was being suppressed by something inside, something he couldn’t dare say…

Cyberpunk 2077 appears to add bugs on the PC platform

If the total size of the save file (save game) of Cyberpunk 2077 player exceeds the limit of 8MB, it can lead to instability causing this data to be completely damaged.

After setting a record for the number of pre-ordered games (pre-ordered), Cyberpunk 2077 is constantly experiencing sad problems, creating waves of boycott in the global gaming community. Specifically, the game encounters dozens of minor to serious errors, seriously affecting the overall experience of gamers. For this reason, Cyberpunk 2077 was knocked out of the PlayStation online store and marked a warning on the Microsoft Store.

Considered the least-common version “turbulent”, but recently Cyberpunk 2077 on PC continues to encounter “oh my god” error. Specifically, if the player’s save file is larger than 8MB, there is a high chance of facing a damaged fighter and losing all playing data.

One of the factors that most influences the save file data is the game progress and the match/crafting feature, the more items that Cyberpunk 2077 has created, the easier it is for people to face the risk of file corruption. save.

The GOG release platform (which is also a part of CD Projekt Red) seems to have recognized this error, so it has advised and responded to gamers. However, CD Projekt Red itself has not had an official announcement and confirmed that it will fix the above error in the next Cyberpunk 2077 update.

Cyberpunk 2077 hit 1 million players at the same time

Within 24 hours of opening, role-playing game, open world Cyberpunk 2077 has reached a record of 1 million players at the same time on Steam.

This is a new record for a single player game like this (Cyberpunk 2077 future will have a multiplayer mode). This record previously belonged to Fallout 4 with 472,962 concurrent players in 2015. Steam alone was a terrible number, not to mention other platforms like Good Old Games, Epic, GeForce Now and Stadia.

Considering the online multiplayer game, PUBG is the leading name with 3,257,248 players at the same time in January 2018. The number of more than 1 million people playing at the same time of Cyberpunk 2077 is chasing Dota 2 achievement. (1,295,114 people) and CS: GO (1,308,963 people). With the number of people playing the game up to millions, people watching the game even more like that. Last night (December 9, 2020) in Twitch alone, nearly 1 million people watched the livestream of this open world game.

Streamer shroud was too excited, excitedly playing continuously for more than 19 hours. At one point, he achieved 120,000 viewers at the same time, with Very Hard mode, he attracted many fans and people curious about the blockbuster Cyberpunk 2077. Shroud owned an armored car equipped with genuine weapons. running in the desert.

This is a role-playing, action, adventure game with a non-linear storyline. The game has been highly appreciated by news sites: PCGamesN 9/10, IGN Japan 10/10, PC Gamer 78/100, RPG Site 9/10. The game is famous for its depth, breadth of graphics, incredible plot of a late 2020 game. Cyberpunk 2077 is playable on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S.

Doraemon’s new robot cat game: Nobita’s Little Space Wars

After returning to the game world in Doraemon Story Of Seasson, Doraemon resumes his adventure in a brand new game Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Space Wars.

Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Space Wars is a title based on a feature-length film that will premiere in Japan early next year (March 21, 2021). This PC game will be an exclusive Nintendo Switch game and is expected to be a worthy opponent for Mario’s Party, as this game will be a collection of dozens of minigames built on top of the game. Machine cats will use inside movie scenes. These mini games are also very diverse from racing, shooting to dancing, … The game promises to bring many fun and entertaining moments for you and your whole family by making you take advantage of all the great features. by Joy-con to be able to outperform those who compete with her.

Don’t let the Doraemon name: Nobita’s Little Space Wars fool you, it’s actually a remake of the episode or movie that became widely known under the name Do Re Mon and Space Wars. This is the episode Nobita and his group of friends have to help President Papi chase away dictator Giru to regain his planet, this is one of the episodes that I like the most in the past. Especially when the group of friends drove toy tanks to attack the capital of Parika, remember when the series of the launch of the toy tanks was something too expensive, let alone the ones. car remote control or tank video games.

Understand that in the most recent images of Doraemon’s game: Nobita’s Little Space Wars focuses on tank shooting mode that promises you will be able to relive the best memories you’ve ever had with this episode. There is currently no information regarding whether the game will launch on other systems, but considering the game wants you to focus on using the features of Joy, this is quite unlikely.

MudRunner: American Wilds Edition is now free at Epic Games

Although there are hundreds of games on sale on Epic Games, the app doesn’t forget to offer the weekly free game, this time MudRunner.

The free period lasts until December 3, 2020, at Epic Games. MudRunner: American Wilds Edition is a truck driving game. The challenge is the patience of the player who will fight the difficulty in the game. Unlike Dirt or Need for Speed, in this game you drive as long as you get to the destination, completing the mission is successful. For example, running to a section of the road to change cars, towing a car stuck in a swamp, or carrying logs.

Initially, the PC game will guide you to manipulate such as W, A, S, D to rotate the steering wheel, the Space button to increase the gas. Use the mouse to rotate the screen Once you have played a portion, the game starts. The physical feeling is very well reproduced in the game, you will have a feeling of heavy and difficulty when controlling the car on a dirt, mud road. At the same time, it was the sound of the engine gurgling, and it sounded tired and uncomfortable like being in a real car.

The image in the game is very detailed, the car crashes a branch, the grass is also displayed vividly. Even light shines down in puddles a sparkle can be seen. The silhouette of the car moving on the road is also very realistic. The sound of a vehicle running on the ground is different from running on the grass or gliding through a puddle. The sound of spraying and exhausting when the car stops are also made as real. Overall the audiovisual part is fine in MudRunner: American Wilds Edition.

Epic Games was generous enough to give MudRunner: American Wilds Edition to gamers. This game emphasizes the player’s experience so there is no puzzle. There are maps and circles, very detailed guide arrows that are easy to understand. As long as you have enough patience with the famous car forward, complete the tasks. For example, you have to get the car so that the trunk fits the specified red box to pass the test. The very practical parameters provided on the screen are travel time, mileage, fuel, and durability of the vehicle.

A total of up to 19 different vehicles, according to which equipment is equipped, the mission is also different. The characteristics of each vehicle and terrain affect a lot in this game. You only have a map, compass, and a tractor as your companion. Most of the missions are delivering the game so that the game is both difficult and lively instead of just running meaninglessly. Publisher Saber Interactive recommends that this game can be played co. op 4 people. The game was released on October 31, 2017, in the emulation category and played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch operating systems.

Cyberpunk configuration is incredibly light?

CD Projekt has just given detailed specifications of Cyberpunk 2077 configuration, with us analyzing the settings that can be run on your computer in the article below.

Recently, CD Projekt has just released a quite detailed Cyberpunk 2077 configuration for each type of computer segment, divided by settings from small to high. It is known that the game is only more than 2 weeks away from launching and reaching the hands of gamers, which is the most anticipated game in 2020. The configuration of the games especially blockbuster always makes them It is easy to be confused and scared when not knowing whether that game with great graphics is enough to operate with your horse or not. Because if not, buying the game back will take time, not be able to run as expected and then have to refund. So this article of Game4V will analyze in-depth configuration settings to help you save the hassle of getting the game back before it launches.

First of all, it is the operating system that Cyberpunk 2077 supports for gamers, do you believe that even though Windows 7 has died, CD Projekt still supports the teeth? It sounds a bit hard to believe, but this is true, proving that the development team has not abandoned gamers who still use the old operating system. Just 64-bit solves the operating problems of the game, but the difference will be evident if you have Windows 10 64-bit, especially if you want to run on medium to high settings.

The required chip in your computer should be best AMD Ryzen 3 or Intel Core I7 4790 if you want to support High to Ray-Tracing Medium or higher. However, with weak and old chip-based computers, as long as you meet the minimum requirements falling into the Core I5 3570k or old AMD FX – 8310 chip, you can fight Low well, have a set of games. players still use low-end machines, they are around this segment, so CD Projekt has tried to improve and support to help this segment still be able to operate stably with this blockbuster game.

Do not forget if you want to run the game well and do not have Slutter issues, or get Crash game in the middle, you must equip your steed with up to 8gb of Ram as a minimum. Game4V recommends that you should be 12 or 16gb to be able to run the game without having trouble while driving, shooting each other with fire because imagining sticking to the best parts of the game but the stuttering will cause you to miss extremely cantilever.

The most important part of the game can be said to decide whether you should run Triple-A games well with any in-game settings from Ray-Tracing on / off, or anti-aliasing, … In this regard, you can rest assured because only with GTX 780 or Radeon RX 470 graphics cards with the old 3GB Vram range, it is good enough at Low settings. In return, you will have to turn off most of the game’s expensive effects of course. If you want to open some nice effects without on Ray-Tracing, the segment GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1660 Super, Radeon RX 590 or RTX 2060 is you can fight all the recommended settings up to High. To run the game well at Ultra Setting you to need to use the segment line RTX 2080S, RTX 3070, Radeon RX 6800 XT, and 8GB Vram to fully load all textures in the game, surface textures, shadow effects, smoke or detailed surfaces of object models, in-game buildings, up to the lights that sparkle at night.

Ray-Tracing has never had a game that uses well that makes you need to play at maximum settings, but Cyberpunk 2077 will be the first game to show that. It would be great to run the game and turn this effect on to see the reflection of images on the cars, puddles, reflectors, … especially when the night scenery will be great when every time. The image is now most realistic and vivid. It’s a must to use the RTX line of cards to take advantage of this expensive performance, with 2060 turned on you trade the other settings down to Low. The two newly launched cards RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 will help you run the game at Hight and Ultra Setting.

Prepare yourself for the necessary accessories that we have given in the article if you really care, want the complete Cyberpunk 2077 battle, have the best hand. However, the purpose of the article is not to drown low component lines, but to help you be confident even if you have a weak configuration, you can still play against it while not able to upgrade the flexible lines. expensive event. Because it is a CD Projekt game, the replay value is also very high, you will not be able to feel all the good things of the game in just 1 play, will definitely need more times so please rest assured and experience the first The way you want, don’t be too fussy about waiting for a major hardware upgrade to play. What do you think about Cyberpunk configuration, remember to leave your comment below.

Mobius Front 83 recreates classic warfare of the 80s

Mobius Front 83 is a fictional war of the US military against enemies in their own forests. The new PC game released on 11/2020.

The Mobius Front 83 turn-based strategy game is inspired by the US military’s official training manual applied to the gameplay. You will learn classic fighting styles from the 80s. Where tanks dominate over other weapons. Such as artillery guns, helicopters, infantrymen, jeeps …

The game has only one mode, Campaign (campaign), you will play single against enemies that are available bots in the game. You control the US army to fight the fantasy army set in 1983. Each mission, you are provided with several different units. Infantry can lurk in the jungle, attack each other and other vehicles but with short distances. Jeeps carry infantry soldiers, moving quickly to a war zone, but its weakness is that it cannot move forever. Cannon has the advantage of attacking from afar, but missed shot is the disadvantage of this army unit. Helicopters are also a way to reinforce troops to the battlefield.

The gameplay is designed as if you were dispatching troops on the bench. The number of soldiers and vehicles is simulated by vertical rectangular bars. This is a turn-based strategy game. The game does not require a lot of mouse key manipulation skills. You just have to think about the move to a chess game. Troops move in hive-shaped boxes, like the legendary Heroes 3 games, Brigadine used to be very popular many years ago. Part of the sound in the game does not have many specialties, gunshots are not hard, only a few hours of rustic group. Through this game, you will learn more about the classic army fighting like a few decades ago.

Zachtronics is a company that develops and publishes Mobius Front 83. Opus Magnum, Infinifactory, TIS-100, Exapunks, Zachtronics… games are also made by Zachtronics, they all involve machines and puzzles.

Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed until December

According to the latest information from CD Projekt, for many reasons such as the complexity of parallel development for new PC platforms and console systems while their employees are still working from home. translation COVID-19, Cyberpunk 2077 launch schedule will be moved 3 weeks to December 10.

CD Projekt representative said the reason for the delay was for everything to work fine and every version to run smoothly. Although many people might think that even 21 days back would be hard to make a difference in such a huge and complex game, CD Projekt is completely confident to do.

This is the third delay for Cyberpunk 2077. The game was originally scheduled to be released on April 16, then moved to September 17, followed by November 19, and now again to December 10.

First impressions are huge for the launch, so it’s understandable that CD Projekt Red wants everything to be OK, especially as the company has to deal with the challenges of the global COVID-19 pandemic and Home workers probably slow things down a bit. Having said that, the game has been under increasing scrutiny after it was reported that the company required employees to work six days a week in an attempt to meet the previous release date in mid-November.

It is not clear whether their employees will continue to work long hours, but a Bloomberg report recently revealed some inside news at CD Projekt Red according to which an employee of the company said. he worked 100 hours a week. The general assumption is that this is likely to continue into December.

Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the most anticipated games of 2020. With this delay, gamers will have to wait to experience the game later this year.

Golf with Your Friends is a super funny golf game

This funny sports game can be played online by 12 people at the same time. Golf with Your Friends is a casual category for everyone.

If you can’t play golf in real life. Then Golf with Your Friends is the solution for you, just stay at home with an Internet-connected PC is enough. Play as a golf ball in this fun-filled game. The gameplay is very simple, quite similar to traditional golf. You use force to hit a golf ball in the hole with fewer hits the better on the leaderboard. There are 15 seconds (this number can be adjusted) to observe the map, calculate the direction of movement, the force to be reasonable. The PC game requires calculation and assertiveness in each hit. The feeling of hitting one or two “sticks” in the hole is very wonderful.

The game has many diverse game modes: Classic, Dunk, Hockey, Explore and Party. Slight change from golf hole to goal, basketball basket. Interactive adjustments in the game also create its own fun. Example for balls touching or not. Or allow the golf balls to jump… to make the game more difficult. There are 12 maps corresponding to 12 themes: Forest, Space station, Museum, Volcano, Ancient, Candyland …

Each level has 18 holes of golf with increasing difficulty and distance. Initially it is very easy then there are obstacles that you want to give up, anyway this is a way to create fun for players. Challenge your creativity, dare to act. After completing the game, observe your friends how to put the ball in the hole. Will bring you a lot of laughs at ease.

The new game launched in May 2020 but is still hot so far because of the new gameplay, with fun competition. Many streamers have been trying out this game.

Golf with Your Friends is developed by Blacklight Interactive, published by Team17. Devices that play this golf game include: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Golf with Your Friends is currently getting a 33% discount on the sale price. This bargain lasted until the end of November 3, 2020.