Like all residents of Italy’s Lombardia region, Lupo Daturi is “stuck” with his parents in his home on the outskirts of Milan, from March 8 to the present.

Milano (Milan) is a major city in northern Italy – the capital of Lombardia – once an outbreak, 13,000 people have died from Covid-19 since the end of February.

While most other children still “struggle” around the house with the entertainment has become boring, or “fight” with … the instability of studying at home, Mr. Lupo Daturi is on duty continued … “at war” with Covid-19 himself.

Despite being only nine years old, in grade 4, Lupo has a passion for programming, which his father – Mr. Marco Daturi, a director of a business – shared.

Lupo has come up with the idea of ​​”eliminating boredom,” and can even “meet” friends over the Internet. In just a few days, with the knowledge he had before the pandemic, and the online tutorials he found on the Internet, he successfully programmed it, and posted an online game of his own. It is the game “Cerba-20”, which is a classic “Find and Kill” game, but it has a very topical topic: Kill Covid-19.

With the game “Cerba-20” by Lupo, players will play the captain of the Cerba-20 spacecraft, sitting in the spacecraft to search and kill the Covid-19 virus with laser shots.

“I had to stop all my sports – skiing, swimming and karaté – because of Covid-19. I can’t even play in the pond with my dog. Instead of playing sports, I only have an exercise bike in my house. ”- Lupo boy

But from now on, with the game “Cerba-20” created by me, Lupo said he was able to play with his friends, even though everyone was isolated in their home. And Lupo revealed: he intends to set up a project, with the goal … teaching his friends to learn programming, while all of them still have to be in the house because of Covid-19.

“Lupo’s creation of a fast-moving online game makes me happy because that motivates it to do even better.” – Marco Daturi, Lupo’s father, said – “Lupo has just received a request from its teachers, about programming something useful, not just creating games.”