Pair of mechanical keyboard ‘super silencer’ of AKKO: Beautifully ecstatic, typing smoothly

When talking about the mechanical keyboards of AKKO, the first thing that will make you remember forever is the extremely impressive aesthetic that the company has for gamers. In keeping with its philosophy, this time the duo AKKO 3108 Silent and AKKO 3087 (Tenkeyless model – short version) continue to make gamers admired.The first impression […]

Top computer optimization software for gaming

To make the experience of video games more comfortable and enjoyable, the world’s leading technology companies have designed many gaming emulators and quickly attracted the attention of the gaming community. According to the reviews of players who have long experience in the betting game industry, the following is a list of computer optimization software for […]

Power Rangers: Battle for The Grid – The first game in history for all five platforms to play together

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is making history. The game will be available on Google Stadia. Stadia Pro accounts can be played for free for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid starting June 1. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid launches with cross-play feature, Stadia users will be able to play with you. Friends […]

Dragon Raja blockbuster, MMORPG using Unreal Engine 4 technology

Dragon Raja is an impressive graphics MMORPG developed by Archosaur Games. With its own extremely beautiful beauty thanks to Unreal Engine 4 technology, even Dragon Raja has been compared to popular cult games on PC.This game is inspired by the novel of famous novelist Lee Yeongdo, Dragon Raja is now officially available on both Android […]

Shadow Arena – Extreme PK survival game has been confirmed on Steam

Notable survival role-playing game Shadow Arena will be released in Early Access on Steam platform.According to the updated Game4V information, Korean game company Pearl Abyss will conduct early access to Shadow Arena on May 21. This is good news for battle royale fans when knowing the game has The production process is quite fast and […]

Hacker raging in the PC game

Hacking is always an obsession of the PC gaming community because fraudulent software can help increase the accuracy of bullet paths, teleportation …As the game becomes more competitive, hacking techniques become more sophisticated and make big game companies like Riot or Blizzard struggle.In the past few weeks, publishers of Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, and […]