Cyberpunk 2077 hit 1 million players at the same time

Within 24 hours of opening, role-playing game, open world Cyberpunk 2077 has reached a record of 1 million players at the same time on Steam. This is a new record for a single player game like this (Cyberpunk 2077 future will have a multiplayer mode). This record previously belonged to Fallout 4 with 472,962 concurrent […]

MudRunner: American Wilds Edition is now free at Epic Games

Although there are hundreds of games on sale on Epic Games, the app doesn’t forget to offer the weekly free game, this time MudRunner. The free period lasts until December 3, 2020, at Epic Games. MudRunner: American Wilds Edition is a truck driving game. The challenge is the patience of the player who will fight […]

Mobius Front 83 recreates classic warfare of the 80s

Mobius Front 83 is a fictional war of the US military against enemies in their own forests. The new PC game released on 11/2020. The Mobius Front 83 turn-based strategy game is inspired by the US military’s official training manual applied to the gameplay. You will learn classic fighting styles from the 80s. Where tanks […]