PUBG is a dramatic online game, and the best way to get acquainted with the game is to play through the first few rounds. This battle royale game will put you on a battlefield with 99 other players competing against each other for the sole purpose of becoming the last survivor.

Danh hiệu PUBG Mobile

With no instructions, no single-player mode at the moment, and not having any manuals that have made a lot of gamers spend their time in PUBG to learn from gamers. other. For that reason, the presence of this article will hopefully help beginners to get acquainted with this game.

A battle in PUBG begins with 100 players parachuting onto a large island for the purpose of fighting and being the last survivor. To do this you have to combine a lot of skills together such as stealth, fighting, handling situations to defeat the enemy and protect yourself. From the start you will be controlled where you want to land, during which time you can see other players and move away from them.

Part of what makes PUBG so attractive is its terrain and weather. This is a huge island, allowing you to explore city areas, churches to find weapons, and other areas such as power plants, military zones that make the terrain diverse. But to win you need to have intelligence and agility. Although you’ll be spotted, sometimes it’s important to move quickly.

  • Pay attention to your surroundings including the doors, and try to remember the locations of the surrounding gamers.
  • Always check and scrutinize other players before looting items. Avoid places that are too empty.
  • You can survive to the end of the match by being a ninja, leaving other players to handle each other and you should only take action at a convenient time

The first thing you need to do before playing is to turn on the control knob to research the necessary buttons and set according to what you find best. There are many buttons in the game and you will need to coordinate them and remember the use of each button to apply them. The most important button is Alt because you will have to press and hold it a lot to look around in third-person viewing mode. With so many people being your enemy, this is the button you want to use often.

When playing PUBG your character will have to kneel down and lie down a lot, this will help you be less detected. If you hold Alt while moving, it will make less noise. Button B will help you change the firing mechanism of the gun and Tab will help you open inventory more easily.

In PUBG, you cannot run as much as you like. Because the safety area will eventually shrink, if you turn on the map you will see two circles, one is white and the other is blue. In the white circle area, it will be safe and outside of the green circle area, it will be damaged over time. If you notice there will be a timer above the mini that tells you when the circle shrinks so try to take advantage of it as much as possible. And with each narrowing of the circle, the chances of you encountering other players are huge.
In fact, most gamers in PUBG know the mechanism of action as well as what this circle affects the player. There are gamers who use the circle to predict the direction of other players, waiting for them to pass through the finishing blow.