GTA mod community is always very active and enhances the gaming experience for many gamers.
GTA IV reflected the stifling nature of Liberty City, which was not well received at first, but gamers have come to appreciate it. Some mods seem to be tweaking the game and its various elements, and here we put together some of the best mods you should try out.

Ghost Rider Script Mod
While there are superhero mods available for GTA IV like Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc., we feel Ghost Rider is much better suited in Liberty City. A fiery specter looking to burn the perverts soul, what better place to start than Liberty City?

Wander the streets of the dingy metropolis as Ghost Rider in your cool vehicle and punish the souls of the dead. There may be more powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe, but only a few are as great as Ghost Rider.

GTA IV Prison Break Mod
There’s always been something undeniably exciting about adding a real prison in a GTA game. Although the police threat is still there, it rarely becomes reality in something more concrete than a momentary pause.

The Prison Break mod puts Niko in a state prison after being caught by the police, and has to find a way out of the prison. This adds some real consequences to the player’s actions, and that’s always a plus in the player’s eyes.
First-Person Mod
Before it could become a real mechanic in the next game, players have long requested a first-person mod for GTA IV. The answer comes from the mod community with a great first-person mod that helps players really immerse themselves in the game.

This is more of a personal preference than an objectively great mod, but it definitely adds a whole new dimension to the GTA experience. It may not be as powerful as the one developed by Rockstar for the next game, but has the potential.
GTA IV IceEnhancer- Graphical Mod
While CryENB V3 enhances the overall aesthetics of the game in saturation and brightness, IceEnhancer puts textures in orbit. There are several videos of the mod on YouTube that compare the IV’s graphics with GTA V’s after using IceEnhancer, and to be honest, it’s not that different.
IceEnhancer adds an absurd level of textures to each of the game’s content and model, and the car reflections have been upgraded to an insane level.
Graphical Enhancer: CryENB V3

There are several mods that enhance the graphics for the game on the internet, but the community swears that CryENB V3 is the best mod for graphics in GTA IV. The mod adds significantly more colors to the game’s unsaturated palettes as well as greatly improving textures and shadows in the game.
It really changes the game in a big way, and fans who are annoyed by the game’s lousy visual aesthetic will find it better off playing using CryENB V3. The mod may take away certain gloomy melodies of the game, but it certainly works to make the city more appealing.