Cyberpunk 2077 has been continuously delayed pushing the release schedule until November, meaning fans will have to keep waiting until November 19 for the chance to be immersed in the chaotic and hilarious world. Night City beat. But this led to a series of other positive consequences (not counting the game will be completed and the developer will reduce some pressure). If you are a gamer who wants to experience Cyberpunk 2077 in the best way on November 19, then you will have the opportunity to realize this desire with the new generation graphics cards. from Nvidia and AMD.

Lý do giải thích cho việc này là họ cần thời gian để tối ưu tựa game chạy trơn tru trên PlayStation 5 và Xbox Series X khi ra mắt.

So, which player should choose the graphics processing technology? Nvidia’s Ampere or AMD’s Big Navi? From now until the science fiction blockbuster of CD Projekt Red is officially released to the fans, many people will probably find a reasonable choice. AMD believes its RDNA 2 graphics cards will be released before the end of this year, and there are rumors that Nvidia is preparing to launch its RTX 30- Apere product line. in August, heading to the market launch date in September.

Các fan lại càng thêm buồn và tiếp tục đợi chờ siêu phẩm được kì vọng của năm nay.

Although we still do not know that the required configuration of Cyberpunk 2077 on launch day, but based on the scale and system mechanics that this game promises, perhaps PC players may need to prepare. Give yourself a pretty rough machine. Extremely high-resolution textures with Ray tracing technology will melt any card that is weak. Because of that, what the player needs to get ready for him is a graphics card with enough dollars (and a thick wallet). So which GPU will be the key for you to open the gate to welcome yourself into the world of Night City? The answer will be revealed when November comes, but for now, the component that will surely ensure the best experience for players is the Ryzen 4000 CPU from AMD.

So what would an ideal build for Cyberpunk 2077 look like? An AMD Rzen 4950x that comes with the RTX 3090 will probably be enough to please this game, and any other AAA product on the market today. Of course, although this idea can make any PC gamer salivate, it will also be a fatal blow to the bank accounts of most players. Because of that, let’s hope the cheaper and more delicious options will also be available in November.