CD Projekt has just given detailed specifications of Cyberpunk 2077 configuration, with us analyzing the settings that can be run on your computer in the article below.

Recently, CD Projekt has just released a quite detailed Cyberpunk 2077 configuration for each type of computer segment, divided by settings from small to high. It is known that the game is only more than 2 weeks away from launching and reaching the hands of gamers, which is the most anticipated game in 2020. The configuration of the games especially blockbuster always makes them It is easy to be confused and scared when not knowing whether that game with great graphics is enough to operate with your horse or not. Because if not, buying the game back will take time, not be able to run as expected and then have to refund. So this article of Game4V will analyze in-depth configuration settings to help you save the hassle of getting the game back before it launches.

First of all, it is the operating system that Cyberpunk 2077 supports for gamers, do you believe that even though Windows 7 has died, CD Projekt still supports the teeth? It sounds a bit hard to believe, but this is true, proving that the development team has not abandoned gamers who still use the old operating system. Just 64-bit solves the operating problems of the game, but the difference will be evident if you have Windows 10 64-bit, especially if you want to run on medium to high settings.

The required chip in your computer should be best AMD Ryzen 3 or Intel Core I7 4790 if you want to support High to Ray-Tracing Medium or higher. However, with weak and old chip-based computers, as long as you meet the minimum requirements falling into the Core I5 3570k or old AMD FX – 8310 chip, you can fight Low well, have a set of games. players still use low-end machines, they are around this segment, so CD Projekt has tried to improve and support to help this segment still be able to operate stably with this blockbuster game.

Do not forget if you want to run the game well and do not have Slutter issues, or get Crash game in the middle, you must equip your steed with up to 8gb of Ram as a minimum. Game4V recommends that you should be 12 or 16gb to be able to run the game without having trouble while driving, shooting each other with fire because imagining sticking to the best parts of the game but the stuttering will cause you to miss extremely cantilever.

The most important part of the game can be said to decide whether you should run Triple-A games well with any in-game settings from Ray-Tracing on / off, or anti-aliasing, … In this regard, you can rest assured because only with GTX 780 or Radeon RX 470 graphics cards with the old 3GB Vram range, it is good enough at Low settings. In return, you will have to turn off most of the game’s expensive effects of course. If you want to open some nice effects without on Ray-Tracing, the segment GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1660 Super, Radeon RX 590 or RTX 2060 is you can fight all the recommended settings up to High. To run the game well at Ultra Setting you to need to use the segment line RTX 2080S, RTX 3070, Radeon RX 6800 XT, and 8GB Vram to fully load all textures in the game, surface textures, shadow effects, smoke or detailed surfaces of object models, in-game buildings, up to the lights that sparkle at night.

Ray-Tracing has never had a game that uses well that makes you need to play at maximum settings, but Cyberpunk 2077 will be the first game to show that. It would be great to run the game and turn this effect on to see the reflection of images on the cars, puddles, reflectors, … especially when the night scenery will be great when every time. The image is now most realistic and vivid. It’s a must to use the RTX line of cards to take advantage of this expensive performance, with 2060 turned on you trade the other settings down to Low. The two newly launched cards RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 will help you run the game at Hight and Ultra Setting.

Prepare yourself for the necessary accessories that we have given in the article if you really care, want the complete Cyberpunk 2077 battle, have the best hand. However, the purpose of the article is not to drown low component lines, but to help you be confident even if you have a weak configuration, you can still play against it while not able to upgrade the flexible lines. expensive event. Because it is a CD Projekt game, the replay value is also very high, you will not be able to feel all the good things of the game in just 1 play, will definitely need more times so please rest assured and experience the first The way you want, don’t be too fussy about waiting for a major hardware upgrade to play. What do you think about Cyberpunk configuration, remember to leave your comment below.