After returning to the game world in Doraemon Story Of Seasson, Doraemon resumes his adventure in a brand new game Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Space Wars.

Doraemon: Nobita’s Little Space Wars is a title based on a feature-length film that will premiere in Japan early next year (March 21, 2021). This PC game will be an exclusive Nintendo Switch game and is expected to be a worthy opponent for Mario’s Party, as this game will be a collection of dozens of minigames built on top of the game. Machine cats will use inside movie scenes. These mini games are also very diverse from racing, shooting to dancing, … The game promises to bring many fun and entertaining moments for you and your whole family by making you take advantage of all the great features. by Joy-con to be able to outperform those who compete with her.

Don’t let the Doraemon name: Nobita’s Little Space Wars fool you, it’s actually a remake of the episode or movie that became widely known under the name Do Re Mon and Space Wars. This is the episode Nobita and his group of friends have to help President Papi chase away dictator Giru to regain his planet, this is one of the episodes that I like the most in the past. Especially when the group of friends drove toy tanks to attack the capital of Parika, remember when the series of the launch of the toy tanks was something too expensive, let alone the ones. car remote control or tank video games.

Understand that in the most recent images of Doraemon’s game: Nobita’s Little Space Wars focuses on tank shooting mode that promises you will be able to relive the best memories you’ve ever had with this episode. There is currently no information regarding whether the game will launch on other systems, but considering the game wants you to focus on using the features of Joy, this is quite unlikely.