After 2 years since Kratos returned to the God of War 2018 version, fans are finally going to continue their journey to conquer Northern Europe of the Greek god. Called God of War: Ragnarok, the PC game is slated to be released in 2021, alongside PS5.
In the Teaser, we see an icy Omega God of War emblem adorned with Nordic Runes, while Kratos insists on the image, “Time is near. You have to prepare yourself.”

In the 2018 version, Kratos killed Baldur (Odin’s son), Módi and Magni (Thor’s son, Odin’s grandson) and Sigrun Valkyrie Queen (Odin’s powerful general), whether in God of War: Ragnarok, which Norse deities will extend this list? Let us predict.


Thor, in Norse mythology, is the god of thunder, thunderstorms and force; The oldest son of the gods Odin and Jord, goddess of the earth. Thor was ranked first among the Aesir gods, and also the strongest, protecting the other gods from the onslaught of giants. Thor is the only god who is not allowed to cross the Rainbow Bifrost, as the gods fear he will collapse the bridge. Thor is also known to be hot-tempered, and eats well. While Odin was the god of the military, Freya was the goddess of nobility, Thor was the god of peasants.

Sol and Mani
In Norse mythology, Mani and Sol are brothers. While Mani is the moon god, Sol is the sun goddess. Both are descendants of the powerful gods Mundiflari and Glaut.

Before Ragnarok took place, Sol and Mani were attacked by Fenrir’s two children (Loki’s grandson). After these two gods were defeated, the world fell into darkness with the never-ending frozen purchase. After 3 consecutive winters, Ragnarok will officially happen.


Heimdall is the god of light, and the guardian of the rainbow Bifröst, the only path leading into Asgard. Heimdall is the result of Odin’s love affair with nine waves offshore; I may not sleep for days and nights to keep watch, I can see through the darkness for hundreds of miles, I can hear the wind blowing through grass or wool. Heimdall has a prison called the Gjallarhorn (Gjallar Horn), when the god blows the horn and the gods will prepare to go out to meet the enemy. Heimdall rode on a horse named Gulltopp, ranked 10th among the fastest of Asgard’s (the first was Odin’s eight-legged Sleipnir).

Heimdall’s opponent is the giant Loki. While Heimdall is the guardian, Loki specializes in vandalism. In Ragnarok, Loki and Heimdall fight again, and although Heimdall wins, a serious wound causes the god to die with Loki.


Hermoor is the messenger god in Norse mythology. His name also means boldness or spirit of war. Along with Thor and Baldur, Hermoor is also Odin’s son. The spirit that Hermoor always carries with him is the Gambanteinn cane.

After Baldur was killed by Loki, Frigg and Odin sent the god Hermóðr to hell to meet the dead god Hel, Loki’s daughter. Hel accepted and said that if everything in the world cried, Baldur could be resurrected. Frigg miraculously saved his son and nearly everything cried; the only exception was an old woman sitting in a cave that was not (made by Loki). After all, Baldur still must die and cannot be revived. According to a heralded oracle, Baldur’s death is one of the three opening events for the Ragnarok apocalypse.