This funny sports game can be played online by 12 people at the same time. Golf with Your Friends is a casual category for everyone.

If you can’t play golf in real life. Then Golf with Your Friends is the solution for you, just stay at home with an Internet-connected PC is enough. Play as a golf ball in this fun-filled game. The gameplay is very simple, quite similar to traditional golf. You use force to hit a golf ball in the hole with fewer hits the better on the leaderboard. There are 15 seconds (this number can be adjusted) to observe the map, calculate the direction of movement, the force to be reasonable. The PC game requires calculation and assertiveness in each hit. The feeling of hitting one or two “sticks” in the hole is very wonderful.

The game has many diverse game modes: Classic, Dunk, Hockey, Explore and Party. Slight change from golf hole to goal, basketball basket. Interactive adjustments in the game also create its own fun. Example for balls touching or not. Or allow the golf balls to jump… to make the game more difficult. There are 12 maps corresponding to 12 themes: Forest, Space station, Museum, Volcano, Ancient, Candyland …

Each level has 18 holes of golf with increasing difficulty and distance. Initially it is very easy then there are obstacles that you want to give up, anyway this is a way to create fun for players. Challenge your creativity, dare to act. After completing the game, observe your friends how to put the ball in the hole. Will bring you a lot of laughs at ease.

The new game launched in May 2020 but is still hot so far because of the new gameplay, with fun competition. Many streamers have been trying out this game.

Golf with Your Friends is developed by Blacklight Interactive, published by Team17. Devices that play this golf game include: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Golf with Your Friends is currently getting a 33% discount on the sale price. This bargain lasted until the end of November 3, 2020.