After eight years since its first launch, Guild Wars 2- a famous PC game, along with all the “Living World” content including The Icebrood Saga, will arrive at Steam this November. Two updates The Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire will also be available for sale on Steam at the usual price for gamers who need. But the bad news is that previous Guild Wars 2 accounts won’t be migrated to Steam. Not only that, the Steam account cannot be switched back to another account (currently Guild Wars 2 is still using its own launcher).

Fortunately, ArenaNet has confirmed that although the account cannot be switched back and forth. Both types of accounts can participate in the same world in the game, so if you are new to playing, do not worry about anything, you do not miss anything. NCsoft West’s CEO, Chauncey Gammage, said that Guild Wars 2 has existed until now thanks to its groundbreaking gameplay, rich storyline, and a vibrant fan base. On the occasion of the expansion of the world in the game with the End of Dragons, Guild Wars 2 will be brought to Steam so more brothers can access this role-playing game.

ArenaNet also adds information about End of Dragons – the 3rd expansion of this game. It will take players to a mysterious island nation called Cantha that has been separated from the world for over 200 years, and you will be the one to discover the reason why End of Dragons will be released in 2021.