Hacking is always an obsession of the PC gaming community because fraudulent software can help increase the accuracy of bullet paths, teleportation …
As the game becomes more competitive, hacking techniques become more sophisticated and make big game companies like Riot or Blizzard struggle.
In the past few weeks, publishers of Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG, and Destiny have all announced anti-hacking measures to reassure gamers. Although not yet released, the beta version of the shooting game Valorant is “storming, storming” on the streaming platform Twitch also identified hacking as an issue that needs to be addressed soon.

Valorant xuất hiện wallhack và aimbot trong giai đoạn Beta. Ảnh: Riot.

In fact, cheating is not a new phenomenon in PC games. Hacked / cheat games have been around since the beginning of the history of computer games, like “aimbot” that automatically locked the gun in the opponent’s head, “wallhack” looking through terrain and cheating software to help players move. with super fast speed.
Aimbot and wallhack are two common forms of fraud in online shooting games. Thereby, new or lower level game players still gain the advantage. Unlike hacking tools that allow players to freely fly around the map, the wallhack is more discreet, often undetected for weeks or months.
The fight against hacking of PC game publishers is like a cat and mouse game. This is because the development team is constantly patching, while hackers are constantly looking for vulnerabilities to create code that changes the way the game works.
Hackers set up underground forums and sell fraudulent tools like aimbot or wallbot to avoid a raid. A 2014 survey of PC Gamer showed that such a hacker group can earn millions of dollars a year thanks to software hacked monthly fee.
The outbreak of Covid-19 was considered as a catalyst that heated the war between hackers and publishers. Many socially displaced nations pushed 24 million people to log in at the same time and broke the all-time record of the Steam game distribution platform last month. However, a portion of gamers uses hacking software in both new games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Valorant, as well as many popular Battle Royale games today.

Phần mềm wallhack cho phép nhìn xuyên địa hình trong CoD: Warzone. Ảnh: The Verge.

To ensure fairness and keep true gamers, publishers are forced to apply strict penalties despite controversy. For example, the battle system of Call of Duty: Warzone is designed to put all cheating players into a virtual battle. Developer Infinity Ward said the system detected 70,000 fraudulent accounts in just two months.
Last year, Respawn Entertainment, maker of Apex Legends, blocked 35,000 fraudulent accounts, but hackers still managed to bypass the game’s Easy Anti-Cheat system to “revive” the banned ID.
Similarly, PUBG developers take months to prevent hacking. “Last year, we spent time testing different anti-hacking measures. Most focused on halting the operation of hacking software, making it difficult for hackers to profit from potential fraud services. This high profit, “said Jang Taeseok, head of the PUBG PC development team.
“PUBG is still actively fixing bugs that exist in the game code to prevent third parties from interfering, but hackers adapt very quickly to our measures,” Taeseok added. He admitted that PUBG’s BattlEye anti-hack system is not strong enough to prevent hackers.
Other games like Overwatch and Destiny 2 also recorded a surge in hacking. Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, said the number of infringing accounts has increased by 50% since the beginning of 2020. In April, the company reopened Trails of Osiris, a competitive game mode that urged many gamers “to overtake the barrier “to win last year.