The last title in Epic Game‘s 15 free-to-play series is Jurassic World Evolution. It belongs to the category of construction simulation.

Kingdoms Reborn, Anno 1800, Cities Skylines, Tropico 5… Today, Jurassic World Evolution is a new game launched in 2018 so the graphics are very nice. You have 3 main directions for development in the game, namely amusement parks, security or scientific research. You perform all 3 at the same time, the game will give you tasks to do. Unlock next turn of features and maps.

In Jurassic World Evolution you will play the role of the owner of a dinosaur park. Build and develop it into a large spacious property. Initially you only have vacant land, some basic houses and $ 3 million as capital. You will build more buildings, there are many things for you to choose from. They are researchers of dinosaur DNA from fossilized samples. Dinosaur watchers in the park. House for caregivers, dinosaur managers. Power stations, fences, paths, entrances … The works for visitors: Restaurants, hotels, souvenir shops, bars …

The process of creating a dinosaur is elaborate, expensive, takes time. You will need to have a dinosaur fossil sample used by the research department to incubate eggs. The success rate differs more or less depending on the type. The cost per child sometimes costs nearly $ 1 million. When a dinosaur is born, you have to keep it in a barn, each species will have different conditions. If you do not make sure, it will destroy the barn out to eat visitors. Food, water source, number of plants, and dinosaurs of the same species must be appropriate.

Dinosaurs can get sick, attack each other, die from starvation or old age. Dinosaurs are basically divided into 2 categories, carnivorous and herbivorous. You can provide the live goats stocked as prey for Ceratosaurus, Allosaurus, Indoraptor, Stygimoloch. Or ready-made meat, served in the troughs. Herbivorous dinosaurs liked to live in herds, like overgrown trees. You upgrade dinosaurs to make them stronger, live longer. When the dinosaurs get sick you will inject them with the drug through an auto-execute command system. Or you will fly your own helicopters to shoot antibiotics for them through the first person.

Jurassic World Evolution has a lot of costs. Organize archeology, search for fossils, hatch dinosaur eggs, build. In contrast, the revenue source is also diverse, selling tickets to visitors. Trading in restaurants, restaurants, selling rare fossils. Take pictures of dinosaurs, sell dinosaurs and sell excessively built houses. Scientific research works on quests also bring in a lot of dollars for you. Cost always goes hand in hand with profit. For example, if you move to archaeological Asia, travel costs are high, but fossils are more expensive there for sale than in neighboring locations.

Lifelike 3D graphics, smooth screen, the most beautiful in the construction simulation game series that I have ever known. Every time a dinosaur comes out, the epic cutscenes will delight you. 360-degree viewing angle, can be zoomed in and out to see a close-up of a dinosaur chasing a goat put in its mouth. A Chasmosaurus munching on grass and drinking water on the riverbank looked very peaceful. Occasionally you can drive a Jeep, approach the dinosaurs. Hold the enchanted gun or take the camera to take pictures from the first perspective.

Anesthetic is used to move a dinosaur to another barn or sell it to a game developer. Jurassic World Evolution is inspired by the famous Jurassic World movie. The sound in the game is also very complete and detailed. The sound of storms, the sound of helicopters, the sound of felling trees, the roaring of dinosaurs sounded very good. The game is free until January 7, 2021 on Epic Games.