Mobius Front 83 is a fictional war of the US military against enemies in their own forests. The new PC game released on 11/2020.

The Mobius Front 83 turn-based strategy game is inspired by the US military’s official training manual applied to the gameplay. You will learn classic fighting styles from the 80s. Where tanks dominate over other weapons. Such as artillery guns, helicopters, infantrymen, jeeps …

The game has only one mode, Campaign (campaign), you will play single against enemies that are available bots in the game. You control the US army to fight the fantasy army set in 1983. Each mission, you are provided with several different units. Infantry can lurk in the jungle, attack each other and other vehicles but with short distances. Jeeps carry infantry soldiers, moving quickly to a war zone, but its weakness is that it cannot move forever. Cannon has the advantage of attacking from afar, but missed shot is the disadvantage of this army unit. Helicopters are also a way to reinforce troops to the battlefield.

The gameplay is designed as if you were dispatching troops on the bench. The number of soldiers and vehicles is simulated by vertical rectangular bars. This is a turn-based strategy game. The game does not require a lot of mouse key manipulation skills. You just have to think about the move to a chess game. Troops move in hive-shaped boxes, like the legendary Heroes 3 games, Brigadine used to be very popular many years ago. Part of the sound in the game does not have many specialties, gunshots are not hard, only a few hours of rustic group. Through this game, you will learn more about the classic army fighting like a few decades ago.

Zachtronics is a company that develops and publishes Mobius Front 83. Opus Magnum, Infinifactory, TIS-100, Exapunks, Zachtronics… games are also made by Zachtronics, they all involve machines and puzzles.