Although there are hundreds of games on sale on Epic Games, the app doesn’t forget to offer the weekly free game, this time MudRunner.

The free period lasts until December 3, 2020, at Epic Games. MudRunner: American Wilds Edition is a truck driving game. The challenge is the patience of the player who will fight the difficulty in the game. Unlike Dirt or Need for Speed, in this game you drive as long as you get to the destination, completing the mission is successful. For example, running to a section of the road to change cars, towing a car stuck in a swamp, or carrying logs.

Initially, the PC game will guide you to manipulate such as W, A, S, D to rotate the steering wheel, the Space button to increase the gas. Use the mouse to rotate the screen Once you have played a portion, the game starts. The physical feeling is very well reproduced in the game, you will have a feeling of heavy and difficulty when controlling the car on a dirt, mud road. At the same time, it was the sound of the engine gurgling, and it sounded tired and uncomfortable like being in a real car.

The image in the game is very detailed, the car crashes a branch, the grass is also displayed vividly. Even light shines down in puddles a sparkle can be seen. The silhouette of the car moving on the road is also very realistic. The sound of a vehicle running on the ground is different from running on the grass or gliding through a puddle. The sound of spraying and exhausting when the car stops are also made as real. Overall the audiovisual part is fine in MudRunner: American Wilds Edition.

Epic Games was generous enough to give MudRunner: American Wilds Edition to gamers. This game emphasizes the player’s experience so there is no puzzle. There are maps and circles, very detailed guide arrows that are easy to understand. As long as you have enough patience with the famous car forward, complete the tasks. For example, you have to get the car so that the trunk fits the specified red box to pass the test. The very practical parameters provided on the screen are travel time, mileage, fuel, and durability of the vehicle.

A total of up to 19 different vehicles, according to which equipment is equipped, the mission is also different. The characteristics of each vehicle and terrain affect a lot in this game. You only have a map, compass, and a tractor as your companion. Most of the missions are delivering the game so that the game is both difficult and lively instead of just running meaninglessly. Publisher Saber Interactive recommends that this game can be played co. op 4 people. The game was released on October 31, 2017, in the emulation category and played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch operating systems.