Are you waiting to wear out Starcraft III and Warcraft IV? In this article we bring to you the sad news that Blizzard is no longer interested in RTS games like Starcraft III and Warcraft IV for profit reasons.

It’s been a long time since loyal Blizzard gamers haven’t seen the RTS titles emerge from the king of the genre. Actually last year they tried to revive the genre by releasing Warcraft III Reforged, but in return this was a huge disappointment for longtime fans. According to some comments, the Reforged version is even worse than the original released nearly a decade earlier. In addition, the announcement of the discontinuation of support for Starcraft II while not releasing any information about the new post of the game has made hopes of the king’s return gradually disappearing.

Not only the gamers but also the programmers who work for Blizzard himself are fed up with waiting to work with the favorite genre and leave the company. According to rumors, many famous game developers have repeatedly asked for permission to do sequels of two long-standing games, Starcraft and Warcraft, but did not receive the green light from the parent company. Because of that, they decided to leave the company to found Frost Giant with the ambition to be able to create new RTS super products.

For many people not being able to see Starcraft III and Warcraft IV with their own eyes can be a sad thing, but think about the fact that without veteran game makers, these two games can keep their souls. Do you want to keep these two games as a good memory or remember their failed postings? Perhaps this is the right time to say goodbye to the beautiful memories of the past and welcome the new super products coming in the future.