Recently, in a vlog of a Korean Youtuber, this person revealed two new upcoming LoL costumes on the occasion of Halloween 2020. The pictures of these two outfits in this PC game were taken from a community website in Korea, and based on the revealed details, there is a 99% chance that they will belong to the two generals Elise and Amumu.

Specifically, information leaked about these two outfits are Bewitching Elise (Elise Witch) and Pumpkinhead Amumu (Pumpkin Head Amumu). While Elise’s outfits are said to be in the same group as Morgana, Tristana, Janna and Miss Fortune with a Witch theme, Amumu could be a member of a costume group that includes Kassadin, Ekko, Blitzcrank …

The Halloween costume line is still one of the most popular skins in League of Legends, due to its magical design style and attractive visual effects. Last year, Halloween 2019 was one of the highlight events of League of Legends, with the introduction of a series of new costumes, including a Branded Skin for Miss Fortune Brand.

Entering 2020, with a series of other cult events launched (of which the largest scale is the Continent), the Halloween skin line looks set to become more modest. Although it is not certain that other than Elise and Amumu there will be no other outfits, perhaps the number of skins and the event sequence “Giving candy or tricking” will also be made simpler than last year.