If you still wonder why this open world game combined with survival, building, crafting, exploring and fighting is why it became the best-selling game of all time (~ 180 million copies ) then let’s take a look at 5 reasons why the game attracts customers.

Free flexibility
Minecraft can be anything you want. If you want a survivalist experience, Minecraft might be. If you want to jump around and create majestic cities and castles at your disposal, Minecraft is here for you. If you want to make wacky and wacky minigames, then it is perfect too.

Whatever it is, the Minecraft world can be transformed as you like, which is a quality that not many others have. It’s no surprise that Minecraft has a huge fanbase.

Creative Mode
The bottom line of Minecraft lies in its creative mode. If you’ve ever been a fan of Lego, using Lego with which you can build just about anything, you’ll also love Minecraft’s block-based creative mode.

The game brings gamers into a mode where survival or fighting the crowd is not a concern and you are free to create your masterpiece. In fact, a lot of people have spent years creating the entire open world.

Minecraft is also a place for gamers to enter and explore. It has a lot of different creature sites, with landscapes that are always interesting to explore.

The happiness that players feel when they see giant diamonds or a village with blacksmiths or a shipwreck with a huge loot that cannot be measured. Minecraft is all about finding new things as you continue to explore a never ending world.

Unique graphics
Minecraft is also loved for its quirky and square block graphics. If you’re new to Minecraft, its graphics may be annoying or you’ll even judge it as outdated.

But the game wouldn’t be as popular without its simple construction. And if you’re still not satisfied with the look of the game, then you can always choose to improve its graphics by using certain texture packs and shaders to add a bit of realism to the Minecraft world.

Multiplayer fun
Since Minecraft is a flexible game, you can basically turn it into any type of adventure, then you can enjoy it with your friends. With the option of creating your own server or being part of the multitude of online servers available to you, Minecraft is best played against other players.

Whether you’re fighting in factions, building on skyblock, or designing and building a city together, Minecraft is a game for you and your friends.